A Conversation between an American and a Concerned Friend

P.S. this conversation is an extraction of a real email thread with an addition of some unsaid thoughts.

American: I did not want to vote for either of them but not voting for either of them meant a vote for Trump.
Hence, why he won.

Concerned Friend: Yes, I know, not much democracy in the US. It’s one of two. Two-parties dominate over +300 million Americans. So most Americans go to vote in elections against who they don’t want, rather than vote for who they want.

That’s why both parties have no reason to make real changes to the better, they have a 50% chance of winning any election, pretty solid, they might as well continue to advance the interests of their circle. If they loose now, they can always win 4 years from now or 8 years from now. 8 years democrats 8 years republicans, more or less, been that way for the past century. Except for FDR winning 4 times.  Keepin’ it Real!
Need international intervention to spread democracy and freedom on the land of the Cherokees, Navajos, Sioux, Apaches?
I wonder if Colombus got to the land before Amerigo, would Colombia been further up North than it is now? What would today’s Colombia be named then? Ojeda? Ah, never mind, let’s just continue to celebrate a happy Columbus day, and continue to spread red “democracy and freedom” everywhere else. Maybe Vietnam, Iraq, Korea, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, and others should celebrate America day, just to carry the trend of the “free world”.
American: Dude! Chris Paul is killin’ it!

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