Nabi Saleh gathers for joy

مدوّنة مريم

Nabi Saleh, West Bank | Women from the village circle around an overwhelmed Nariman as music blasts from speakers in the overcrowded balcony. In a labored smile, Nariman catches her breath while trying to inconspicuously sneak glances at her son. Her young Waed has finally been released from Israeli prisons after nine and a half months. He is home, a fact that is difficult for a mother to process after such an arduous journey.

The Return

When Waed arrives near Attara checkpoint in a small car, he is surprised to see a parade of orange ford mini buses and cars extravagantly decorated with flamboyant flags ready to greet him. His friends and cousins run to him first. Initially, he seems hesitant to embrace them and then his grips become tighter and longer. He really is home.

The entire route from Attara to Waed’s home in Nabi Saleh the youth were…

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