Address? Jerusalem..hmmm..Palestine?

It’s always the same struggle whenever you fill out an application. You’re asked for your address…you think okay..I got’s simple..

Address 1: Beit Safafa

City: Jerusalem

..all going well..filling this application is simpler than I thought..


hmm..I’m stuck here, so if I put Palestine, would I miss out on all correspondents because in the international address system (if such thing exists) this combination does not exist? “Okey let me put Palestine..they can figure it out,” I think to myself.

Scroll scroll scroll, no Palestine, apparently this brilliant man who knows the geography of the world never heard of Palestine. I even find names I don’t recognize in there, never heard of them, a small Caribbean island with a population of 5,000 people (about the number of the victims of Sabra and Shatila Refugee Camps) it’s in there…but not Palestine.

Okey..let me look for the West Bank, I hate that term with all my guts, but I’ll make a concession, scroll..scroll..scroll..that doesn’t even exist..

It’s a mandatory field, I can’t leave it blank…how can I just simply choose “Israel” from the list..I live here.. it’s my’s Palestine for me.. this Dunum of land where my house is built, this small 4×4 room I’m in, it exists in Palestine. I exist in Palestine..

And half an hour is gone..this application is too complicated..should I just drop it? I don’t need it..I can drop the ball on this application…find another that recognizes my existence..


Sometimes I drop it, sometimes I choose “Israel” and scroll down quickly as to hide the stupidity my hand has committed. What an insolent act!!

My favorite application are those that gives you the space to write up your address the way you know it. No drop-down menus or anything, just a space of freedom. Sometimes I just type “Occupied Palestine”. Sometimes in my luck days.. I pop by a dropdown list that recognizes “Occupied Palestinian Territory”. Yes, I know that for them these three words refer to a small chunk of my homeland, but well for me it refers to the whole 27000 km2. I’ll just choose “Occupied Palestinian Territory” and they can figure out how to send me the correspondents. They can commit the sin of writing “Israel” on the letter when they send it.

But I never thought I’ll ever receive a mail with this address here, to Jerusalem.


Mail I received today from the UK, with the address Beit Safafa, Jerusalem, “Occupied Palestinian Territory”. It made my day… made my whole year!




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