You Don’t Have to Hit to Hurt!

Protected Childhood

What is Psychological Abuse?

“Psychological abuse or maltreatment towards a child is the failure of the parent or care taker to provide a healthy,safe, and encouraging environment for the child which allows to develop his/her social and emotional capabilities which goes with his/her personal environmental capabilities. “

Child Abuse

HOW can the parent or care giver enforce psychological abuse to the child?

  • Continuous rejection, criticism, insult, contempt, intimidation, and education of delinquency and crime.
  •  Enforcing the child to witness physical abuse on people around him/her.
  • Punishing the child for his willingness learn about his/her surrounding.
  • Not responding to emotional needs of the child.

WHAT are the signs to discover existence of psychological abuse?

Parents Fighting

Several Physical Signs and indicators such as:

  • Eating disturbances like:
  1. Anorexia
  2. Bulimia
  3. Obesity
  • Language disturbances like:

Stuttering and non-developed language.

  • Stomach Pains
  1. Itching
  2. Facial muscle spams
  3. Pain complains

Several Behavioral Signs and indicators such as:

  • Pattern behavior like:…

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