Closed Eyes

Poetry pathways

Sometimes she feels alienated from the life she’s living

Other times she even feels estranged from the body she’s possessing.

One day, it is everything that she wants

The life she’s leading, the body she’s living in, the mind that she has

The other  second, it is all too blurry, all not right

And it daunts her

It frightens her to think that she might be in the wrong place

In the wrong body, or even thinking in the wrong mind

At moments, she looks at herself in the mirror and doesn’t even recognize her face

Is it really all good and she’s just too blind

To see what everyone else in her life sees in her?

The way they believe in her

I think that she is her own enemy

She’s her own battle

She’s fighting the ghosts in her

And it’s eating her up inside

All she has to do is open her goddamn eyes wide

Wide enough

To know that she…

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