The UN Record: Ten Fateful Years for America

Published: 1955

Author: Chesly Manly


Its [the book] purpose is to survey the record and evaluate the work of the UN in its first decade from the point of view of a newspaperman who observed its proceedings continuously for eight years and endeavored to write about them as accurately as possible.

The American people are not well informed about the UN. If most of them support it…because they assume, or hope, or have been told that it serves the cause of peace.

Most American newspapers publish only superficial and often grossly distorted press service accounts of the UN proceedings…they never write anything which might cause their bosses to wonder about the value of the UN.

…the unholy trinity of Yalta were as bloodthirsty as their words. On thenight of February 13, 1945, Dresden was devasted by 2,000 American and British heavy bombers…containing no important military target, was swollen with refugees..100,000 men, women and children were killed….

At Yalta, however, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin were principally concerned about voting procedure in the Security Council…

The President [Roosevelt] said he had in mind for Korea a twenty or thirty year UN trusteeship under the joint administration of the United States, the Soviet Union and China, and felt that it was not necessary to invite the British.

In short, the UN was founded upon the assumption that the United States could support its interests in Europe and Asia only with the agreement…of the Soviet Union.

Stalin’s purpose was to communize the world; and if the UN would advance his program by masking his intentions and providing a world forum for Soviet propaganda, why should he oppose it? Churchill’s purpose was to save the British empire, and he was quite honest about it.

…it was the official policy of the Roosevelt and Truman administrations to present the UN as the world’s recompense for all the sacrifices made by all nations in both world wars.

The UN promise of “international peace and security” is reduced to a mockery by the presence of American Army, Navy and Air Force units in 950 bases and stations outside continental United States.

Stalin, who had blasted Zionism for many years, abruptly reversed his Palestine policy in the belief that a Jewish state there would make trouble for the United States.

Eighty-five per cent of the land in Palestine was owned by the Arabs, who composed two-thirds of the population. Yet the UN partition plan, adopted November 29, 1947, gave the Arabs only forty per cent of the total area. Most of the territory alotted to them was desert and rocky hills. Unquestionably the UN action did violence to the charter’s promise of “respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of people” and its pledge to promote self-government or independence in the trust territories in accordance with “the freely expressed wishes of the peoples concerned”. The Christian Century of Chicago said the partition scheme made the charter “look like unblushing hypocrisy”.

…several delegations of countries which were dependent upon United States aid changed their previously declared position under American pressure.

Even the meddlesome Bernard Baruch was induced by the Zionists to put pressure on the wavering French, who could not afford to risk losing Marshall plan aid.

…the Korean war, which cost the United States 136,916 casualties, including 33,417 dead, failed to teach the Communists that agression does not pay.

The United States was involved in the disastrous war and prevented from winning it by the United Nations.

The Assembly waited until May 18, more than six months after Red China’s intervention in the war, before it adopted a resolution calling for an embargo on the shipment of war materials to the enemy. It never called for a complete cessation of trading with the enemy and some UN members, notbaly Britain, never did stop this blood trade.

Officials of the Eisenhower administration manifest a double standard of morality for agressors in the UN when they oppose expulsion of Communist Russia as vociferously as they resist admission of Communist China. There is no moral basis for the exclusion of one without the expulsion of the other.

The United States cannot mobilize the moral authority of mankind in the UN because its own moral principles are suspect.

American delegates in the UN give lip service to the cause of freedom only when it is menaced by communism, never when it is flouted by noncommunist imperialism.


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