My Schizophrenia

The confusion our young live in, the loss of hope, compass, and leadership.



As I am now sitting on my chair watching the news, waiting for my coffee to cool down, thinking about how schizophrenic my world is. It is funny how much I read and know about schizophrenia, but I still don’t believe that I live with schizophrenia, how ironic is that? But what is schizophrenia for me is different than how really it is. Schizophrenia in general is a mental illness where someone has different aspects of reality or different definition of reality.  But the schizophrenia I have is actually my reality.  Throughout my childhood and with a help of my parents,  I grew up learning to love my enemy no matter what because love is the strongest weapon you can ever hold against your enemy’s face, and it is true because every time an Israeli soldier runs toward while pointing a gun at me I always manage to scare him…

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