Hezbollah out of Syria

The civil war in Syria still reaps the lives of innocent civilians. And the Syrian revolution is still looking for a way out of the darkness into the light of justice and freedom.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) issued new statistics for the casualties in Syria in the month of September. The new numbers illustrates some important findings.

Hezbollah Not Fighting

According to SOHR statistics, and compared to statistics in Juner, Hezbollah lost 3 fighters in Syria since June 24. Most probably, these fighters fell in the Lebanese-Syrian borders battles in June, following the battle of Qusair.

This is associated with an end or slowdown of the borders battles. It could be a sign that Hezbollah involvement in the Syria was strictly near the Lebanese-Syrian borders and Hezbollah’s supply route.

Gone Early

In Syria, during the month of September, around 4835 persons were killed. 1387 of which are unarmed civilians (28.6%).

Children in Syria are still without protection. In September, 254 children died in Syria (5.2%).

International Cemetery

The majority of the casualties (3448) were militants or persons involved in the fighting.

45% (1554) from which are regime’s soldiers or recruiters.

33% (1127) are Syrians opposition fighters.

More than one fifth of the militant casualties (730) are non-Syrian militants fighting against the regime.

Most likely, the real numbers are much bigger, especially amongst non-Syrian fighters.



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