Telephone Falasteen

Beyond Compromise - الثَّوابِت

Call for Palestine! (#CALL4Palestine)

Every resistance movement needs support and each individual within such a movement
needs hope and optimism to keep going.

This year’s Fitr celebrations will focus on doing that, giving a bit of hope in support of the
Palestinian struggle for justice, freedom and return. You too can take part; all you need is a
phone and 1 minute:

1-Call Palestinians and greet them for Eid el Fitr

Call: +970 + (599) or (598) or (597) or (595) or (592) or (568) or (569) + six random

For example: +970-599-123456

Whoever answers the call, greet them for the Eid, and say one sentence only:

Happy Eid, next year in a free Palestine, from the river to the sea!

Please note that Palestine time is +3 hrs to GMT. Best calling…

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One thought on “Telephone Falasteen

  1. I have just noticed one thing. The flag in your twitter account and here. Black at the top and green at the bottom. Is this a Palestinian flag?

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