A Journey To The Back Cover

Beyond Compromise - الثَّوابِت

Jerusalem, Palestine – “A Palestinian’s story” this is what I tell people when they ask me about my story. Our story is the story of a struggle followed by a story of treason. And then it is just like a scratched CD in my car. The story keeps repeating. And we anxiously work on cleaning the scratches to listen to the end of the song, looking forward for a happy ending.

My grandparents fought the Zionists in 1948. My grandfather in the village of Salama, along with the whole village, held up arms to defend their small village near Yafa from a Zionist invasion. For months they fought bravely with heads held up high. Until one day, they ran out of bullets, the residents sent a letter to the Arab leadership asking for ammunition to carry on their defense. Simple words from the Arab leadership shattered their hopes, “give up…

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One thought on “A Journey To The Back Cover

  1. Hello Palestine Youth Voice,

    There is a new initiative that you may like to share with others.

    The initiative supports Voter Registraton Cards for all refugees and diaspora, showing town and istyrict of origin, e.g. Haifa, Acre, Jaffa. Also using Out of CountryVoting (OCV), with international observers and recognition and also media reporting.


    Youtube video, in English:

    Youtube in Arabic:

    and a new article on This Week In Palestine:


    Maybe you know people I could contact who could be interested?

    I am working with a Palestinian, Basema Salman, based in Holland.

    Kind regards,

    Hugo van Randwyck


    Tel: +44 7801185970

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