English #ebookclub

Book of the Week:

1- (April 7 – April 13) The Gun and the Olive Branch for David Hirst

The purpose of the English #ebookclub is to read and enjoy a wide range of books. Bloggers will enrich each other with their insights. It will also open a window of interesting discussions on blogs. This is a great chance to help activate and boost blogs that has low activity. It is also a chance for non-bloggers to start their own blog.

Simple Guidelines: 

1- Every Saturday a new book will be chosen.

2- Every member of the club will pitch her/his suggestion of a book with a hash tag (i.e. #DaVinciCode). Then each member will vote for 2 books by just tweeting the hash tag of the book. The book with the most votes will be chosen.

3- At the end of the week. Everyone will blog about their insights, impressions, opinions, etc.. [of the book].

4- Commenting on others blogs should be made in the comment box of that blog (not on twitter or DM or FB messages).

Current Members:

@iFalastenya: http://ifalastenya.wordpress.com/



@MaathMusleh: https://palestineyouthvoice.wordpress.com


@maxawy: http://historicalblogs.blogspot.com



P.S. if you want to join tweet me on @MaathMusleh!

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