Palestine 20 Years Ago…Surprise! Surprise!

My favourite page on AlQuds daily has always been “AlQuds 20 years ago”. AlQuds newspaper was founded in Jerusalem in 1951 by Abu ElZalaf family.

AlQuds front page on February 28, 1992:

1- Main headline says that the Palestinian delegate insists on halting settlement activities before resuming talks. This remains till this day the official position of the PLO and a regular headline until this day ( 20 years of settlement buildings. 20 years of  negotiations. 20 years have passed and the time seems to have frozen for the PLO.

2- 20 years ago IOF raided Deir AlGhsoon injuring a man, and according to AlQuds (20 years ago) curfew orders enters day 10 in Balata. Nothing has changed today. Last night IOF raided Deir AlGhsoon arresting Sameh AlJabsha. Last midnight, IOF also raided Balata and ordered a curfew.

3- Like 20 years ago, until today Israeli officials still declare that the gap between the Palestinian and the Israeli positions is big. Nonetheless, everyone yet to admit that these talks are useless.

4- This is an advertisement item. It is ironic. It main line is: “Depend ONLY on Abbas company”. Today, after 20 years, Abbas and his circle have turned the West Bank into a private company. And Abbas is holding our fate with a solid grip.

5- The least favourite PLO official of all time remains till this day Yasir Abed Rabbo. This news item covers remarks by Abed Rabbo. 20 years later, Palestinians yet to figure out, WHO THE HELL is this man representing.


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