Mehadrin out of Borehamwood!

The Bedouin community of Al Hadidye in the northern Jordan Valley in occupied Palestinian territory is already denied access to water and under immense pressure. Last week, the community was served with nine further demolition orders by the Israeli government. In the nearby illegal Israeli settlements of Ro’i and Beqa’ot, fruit and vegetables are grown with an adundance of water on stolen Palestinian land and exported to UK supermarkets such as Tesco by the Israeli company Mehadrin. These settlements want to steal more of the land belonging to Al Hadidye and Mehadrin is set to directly benefit.

The Israeli export company Mehadrin sources produce from growers in illegal Israeli settlements, exploits Palestinian workers and is deeply involved in the theft of Palestinian land and water. Mehadrin’s office in Borehamwood profits directly from the theft of Palestinian land and resources.

On November 25 and 26, campaigners for Palestinian rights all across Europe are taking action against the Israeli agricultural produce exporters who are at the heart of Israel’s ongoing colonisation of Palestinian land and resources. This wave of action, called Take Apartheid off the Menu!, is the next step in the campaign which played a major role in the collapse of Agrexco, formerly Israel’s largest agricultural produce exporter.

Take Apartheid off the Menu



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