The Vichy Syndrome

The establishment of the Palestinian National Authority remind us of a similar phenomenon that the world witnessed in 1940. The similarities are big. I could almost swear that we live in 1940. A lot of people do not know enough about Vichy government in France. For a better understanding of the Vichy government, I would like to do a comparison with the PNA which most of you are familiar with.
The Vichy government was established as a French government under the German military rule. It collaborated fully with the German occupation. It was voted by the non-elected French National Assembly. Similarly, the non-elected Palestinian National Assembly voted for the creation of the PNA. The PNA on its basis collaborates on every aspect, specifically security, with the Israeli occupation forces.
Similar to the division of PNA’s authority over Palestinian territories, Vichy regime laws applied differently in Southern parts of France than in the Northern parts.
The PA’s argument is that its existence guarantees the preserve of the Palestinian national identity. They think they prevent Israel from giving Gaza to Egypt and the West Bank to Jordan and thus ending the Palestinian cause. Vichy government’s leader Pétain collaborated with the German occupying forces in exchange for an agreement to not divide France between the Axis Powers.

PA President Abbas to the Left and Vichy Regime Leader Petain to the Right

The Vichy leaders collaborated as far as ordering the French police to go on raids to capture members of the Resistance, thus helping enforce German policy in occupied zones. Does this ring a bell?

The US government has recognized Vichy government as the representative of the French people until 1944. It is the same country that supports the PA now. Adolf Hitler decided that leaving a French government in place would relieve Germany of the considerable burden of administering French territory. Placing the PA in the West Bank and Gaza has certainly relieved the IOF of the burden of administrating a high Palestinian population.
Only few French resisted the Nazi occupation. The majority chose life over dignity. The Palestinians choose both life and dignity. The dismantling of the PA is essential to the unity of the Palestinian resistance to the Zionist occupation. The Palestinians have been hit by the Vichy Syndrome. Nonetheless, history lessons teach us that the Palestinian Vichy Government will fall eventually.


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