Spring Flowers Withering

The Arab spring was a tsunami that invaded the area. 3 Arab presidents are down so far. None of the Arab regimes are down yet. The Bahraini revolution was shut down by America’s ally Saudi Arabia. It was buried in the closet and no one talked about it again. The Yemeni and Syrian regimes are still Standing.Algeria, Morocco, Jordan and the Arab Gulf countries managed to build a high dam in front of the tsunami waves of the Arab spring. What’s happening? Did the flowers that flourished in the Arab spring wither in the summer? What’s happening in Syria? Is it still a revolution or a conspiracy?
We were the first to stand in support of the Syrian youth revolution from the first days. Even though all the Palestinian factions decided to not take sides, we took the side of the Syrian people. The Syrian youth certainly stood up to get rid of the dictatorship ruthless regime that ruled them for decades. They wanted to open the doors of a prosperous free Syria. But Syria’s freedom is a danger to an anti-freedom apartheid neighboring state.

May 2011 in Al-Manara Square. Palestinian Youth supporting the Syrian Revolution

The image of the peaceful revolution has become vaguer day by day. The Syrian regime has been talking about militias interference. It could be doubtful. It could be the commanders executing the soldiers who refused to follow orders. But this has been going on for more than 5 months. The videos that come out from Syria through social media are even vaguer. We see videos of demonstrations without noticing any presence of the Syrian security forces. And then in separate videos we see images of the victims. Footage of the connection between the first and the latter is almost non-existing. Then what is really happening? I directed that question to a friend in Syria, one of the Syrian youth. She said that the youth are still there. But she also confirmed that militias are also there.
The Egyptian revolution had an address, Tahrir square. The youth have publicly announced their demands for all. Even opposition parties who tried to ride the wave failed. They could not take any steps that were not acceptable in Tahrir square. Where is the Syrian’s revolution address? What are the exact public demands other than over throwing the regime? Does the Syrian opposition represent the youth demands? The opposition has easily ridden the wave of the Syrian revolution. Farid Ghadry, a Syrian oppositionist in the US, has publicly announced his relations with Israel. Even the Muslim brotherhood oppositionists have not been aligning with the Syrian public opinion regarding a very sensitive topic, the Golan Heights and relations with Israel. What is the address of the Syrian revolution? The Syrian youth must take a real action to protect their revolution.
We are yet to see one of the revolutions to succeed. Warnings from early celebrations were not taken seriously. The Egyptian and Tunisia revolutions are deteriorating. Libyans are celebrating the capture of Tripoli early. But is that it for NATO? Are they backing out or are they preparing the pretext for a larger intervention in Libya? In Yemen, the US is working hard to protect Ali Abdallah Saleh’s regime. The Yemeni rebels should take brave steps to save the most beautiful revolution of the Arab spring. Bahrain’s revolution is yet to find its way out of the closet. And the Arab Spring Tsunami should revive as thunders in a new Arab Winter. This winter will hopefully water the flowers that will flourish once more beautiful than ever.

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