A historic announcement by Abbas?

West Bank and Gaza President Mahmoud Abbas leaked to the press that he will be making a historic announcement on the 4th of October in the meeting of the Arab League Peace Committee.

Now everyone is waiting for that announcement. Not me anyways. A year ago he claimed many times that he will make historic announcements from resigning to declaring the PA state to others. None of which came through.

Before they got into the proximity talks, PA said that it will not happen unless Israel announces a total settlement freeze in the West Bank including Jerusalem. Ofcourse none of that happened and they still got in the proximity talks. Netanyahu went up on stage to announce a settlement freeze that excludes East Jerusalem. It also excluded building in West Bank settlements of synagogues, schools, kindergartens and public buildings. And also another 3,000 housing units. Regardless of the fact that settlers continued building behind that, I don’t see how frozen was the settlement activities. Seems to me like a settlement activities plan not a settlement activities halt. But anyways the result was that PA decided to enter the proximity talks.

A month or 2 before that he was hinting that he is left with no choice but to resign. He didn’t. Maybe he just figure the Palestinians will get lost without him. He’s our GPS system.

Then again, PA announced that the proximity talks was a failure. They claimed that they will not get into direct talks unless settlements construction is halted. But sure enough, they still resumed direct talks. And sure enough they went back to announcing that no progress is made and threatened to withdraw from talks.

The PA talks the talk but never walks the walk.

Back to Abbas’ “historic statement”. Let’s drop down to the table some guesses. Is he going to resign? Is he going to announce the withdrawal from the talks? or is he going to “declare” a state within the 1967 borders? Or is he going to sign a reconciliation agreement?

Well, Is he going to resign? I’m not sure he’s allowed to take that step. But who knows! If he did that means PA will need new elections. And new elections means that they have to sign a reconciliation agreement with their counterparts in Gaza. For the past weeks, reconciliation seems to be closer than before. That might be a sign for elections coming up. But why would anyone care. Best case scenario, this means that we will replace a Coke with a Pepsi. Both make you lazy and give you headache. Maybe one would just seem to taste better for some than the other.

Is he going to declare the state? Well, Mitchell is here. Ashton is following. And some reports talked about Obama’s willingness to recognize the state on the 1967 borders. Is anything being cooked in the kitchen? We have to wait and see. But so what?

Is he going to announce his withdrawal from the talks? Will they’ve been threatening and threatening. Egyptian Abu Elgheit “predicted” that they will. In talks or out of talks, anyone noticed any difference? Will the only difference that we might notice is that Winter is knocking on our doors. A drop of temp. next week after a the heat wave.

Or maybe he’s satisfied with signing a reconciliation agreement. As I said, this means we will have both the Pepsi and the Coke in our fridge.

Call me crazy, but this is not really my idea of a historic announcement. My idea of a historic announcement would be more like, “we are dismantling the PA”. “We are following American and European lead, the same way they ended occupations on their lands and got back their rights, it worked, we might want to give it a try”. “We don’t want a to state solution, we’re seeking a one-state solution.”

And I like to always repeat the same question to the negotiaters. Are you seeking peace? or are you seeking a 2-states solution?

The Arab follow-up committee has postponed the meeting for the 6th of October. They’re making us wait 2 more days. I hope it’s worth the waiting. Do I think it is? No, I honestly don’t. But as they continue their play, I feel like screaming this out loud. “Anyone interested in talking to me? I’ve lost a house and a land. I’ve lost an identity. I wish to get that back.” We waited long enough. But if you think I should wait until you finish the stuff you got in your hands. After the shippment of the red carpet taht will be rolled to the elite to claim their salutes. I will wait.

Do me a favour, don’t make me wait long enough. I might have a personal historic actions of my own.


2 thoughts on “A historic announcement by Abbas?

  1. Well written, expressive. AS you said, he is not allowed to resign but short of that, no surprise, trust me. Adnan SabahLawyer London

  2. My idea of a historic announcement would be more like, "we are dismantling the PA". "We are following American and European lead, the same way they ended occupations on their lands and got back their rights, it worked, we might want to give it a try". "We don't want a to state solution, we're seeking a one-state solution."This is a historical statement which none of nowadays leaders dares to say…Well written!

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