We Should Stop Commemorating ‘Nakba’ Part 2

Continuation of Part 1: https://palestineyouthvoice.wordpress.com/2010/05/15/we-should-stop-commemorating-nakba/
We have a growing movement of peach activism that operates in several parts of the West Bank (and lately in Gaza Strip). Though such a movement is important, this movement has been quite useless. Not because of its entity but because of its system. I passed by an area in Bethlehem that witnesses a weekly protests that includes international and Palestinian activists. Unfortunately, I happen to be there on week day not a Friday. The work on the apartheid wall is continuous with no interruption. What is the point of the Friday protests then? To voice concerns to governments? Governments already know what’s happening. If any government world wide wanted to speak up they would’ve done it long time ago. Life is choices, and they chose to be silent. More over, in some areas, especially Ni’lin, these ‘peaceful’ protests turns in just 5 minutes into protests that are far from peaceful. You can raise a hand for peace, but you need to protect this hand from being cut.

Protests in Sheikh Jarrah are silencing day by day. After all the weeks of protests, the result is many more families to add to the long list of Refugees and homeless, and huge steps closer for the Sheikh Jarrah to be completely ethnic cleansed of its original inhabitants. Silwan is next. Maybe after the demolitions of several houses there, protesters will head to Yasmine Neighbourhood in Silwan to practice another weeks of protests. The final words comes from the politicians who would probably tell you ‘tough luck, it’s not feasible to undo what’s done’. We should prove to them that it’s not feasible to preserve what’s done.

The local organizers, rather than recruit members of the international community to hold signs of protests, they should recruit the Palestinians into a mass civil disobedience movement. The Palestinians, especially the youth, should rise up and take control of the situation. They should be part of it. We should not wait for others, with all do respect and appreciation to them, to come and advocate for our case. The disobedience should bycottall aspects of life the Israeli army has forced into us. We should issue our own identity cards and tear down those provided to us by the Occupation. The run after a state of our own should stop now. We should limit our requests in any political talk to the return of the refugees. What would a Palestinian State solve? The refugees will always be refugees. We did not ask loose a state to struggle for one now.

The Palestinians and those who support them outside should tour refugee camps and start collectig Data on refugees hometowns and lands. We can’t advocate for a cause without having the facts on papers. We all know the names of the towns that were ethnic cleanses in 1948. But we need to know the names of the refugees that awaits to return to those lands. To advocate for UN-resolution 194, we need to present our case with the names of the refugees that are ready to practice the right of the return. We should present it with the exact amount of compensations they’re entitled for, AFTER they return.

The law of return is useless withour returnees. We can’t keep going in loops we should break that loop and move forward. We have to protect our principles and ideas. But we should present facts. We should use these facts to operate on the ground. Refugees should stop their daily life activities and peacefully march towards their towns. Who is going to stop them? The Arab government who wants them gone? Yes the Israeli government will use force against those unarmed peaceful civilians who will be practicing their right of the return as stipulated in UN reslutions. But wait a second, the Israeli army uses this force daily against all Palestinians and the International protestors. If we loose martyrs in that march and we keep on marching til we’re back, it’s better than loosing lifes on daily basis with no results. We just make it easy for the occupation.


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