A read on S.E. George Mitchell’s recent interview with Charlie Rose


Senator Mitchell Said:

“…10 months of no new start in the west bank…much much greater than any government asked…”

Senator Mitchell, you are overlooking the facts that these were words only. Settlement activities is continuing in the West Bank more furious from the day one of Netanyahu’s announcement. The facts are not a secret and not hidden. The Israeli media have released several videos that shows the continuation of the settlement constructions in the West Bank mainly on Saturday nights. Minister Barack has publicly approved hundreds of new units in the West Bank settlements.

Even without all that, Netanyahu excluded 4000 new units in the West Bank and other service buildings. This amount by itself is unconstructable in the 10 Months. They’ve had their hands full and it’s busy at it is already.

“…understand the different prospective…for the Israelis what they’re building in is part of Israel…the Israelis will not stop construction in E. Jerusalem they don’t regard that as a settlement because they think it’s part of Israel…they’re disputed legal issues”

Seems that you tend to understand the Israeli’s prospective. How about the Palestinian prospective. They’re launching attack on Israel that is established on their own land that was annexed in 1948. Not only facts and Palestinian prospective says so, but also UN resolutions recognizes that this is their land and their homes and they should have the right to return to. So Palestinians will not stop fighting and launching attack on Israel because they don’t regard that as Israel they regard it as Palestinian Arab lands. Palestinians don’t THINK it’s an Arab land, they know it is, and the UN recognizes that by recognizing their right to return. At least, you may also find that as a “disputed legal issue”.

“The Israelis have a state…a very successful state…they want security…the Palestinians don’t have a state and they want one.”

Whether Israelis have a “very successful state” or not, this is something that people living under that state will disagree with you on, especially the 20% Palestinians living under the Israeli state who are treated with discrimination and racism.

Th Palestinians do not want a state. Mr. Abbas and Mr. Fayyad wants one? I agree. West Bankers and Gazans want one? maybe if you want to believe so. But what about 80% of the Palestinian who are refugees and want to go back to their homes. Why would a refugee from Akka want a state on other Palestinians land. He has no right in such a state to start with. He just want to go back home. Remember, Palestinians are not only West Bankers and Gazans, and they’re not only the pro-PA in the West Bank and Gaza.

“The Israelis have taken steps…”
I’m sorry come again. What steps? Let’s figure out what steps they have taken in the past couple of month only. More houses in Jerusalem being destroyed or roped. More innocent civilians being murdered in the West Bank and Gaza. More Mosques and religious places being torched or attacked. More Jerusalemites being expelled from their City. More lands being roped and settlements being built. and the list go on.

again what steps?

“Barack is an outstanding leader…”

I don’t know about that, but I’m sure he’s an outstanding war hero. His numbers talks for themselves. 1387 (1419 on other stats) Gazans murdered in just 3 weeks (according to Israeli reports 1021 of them are civilians, 230 of them are children – according to other reports 318 are children and 111 women) 5300 injured including 1600 children.

In Lebanon 2006, in 33 days. He murdered 1300 civilians, 4400 injured.

Of course, this is talking about human causalities since the summer of 2006 in only a total of 55 days. Impressive!!

What an outstanding leader.

“Fateh believes in non-violence and negotiation Hamas believes in violent resistance and the destruction of Israel”

Well, Fayyad is not Fateh, Abed Rabbo is not Fateh. Abbas is Fateh I’ll give you that. But not all Fateh members agree with Abbas. Let me remind you that the most popular Fateh figure lies in the Israeli prisons because he believes in the armed resistance or “violent” resistance as you wish.

You are deceived to think that Hamas believes in the violent resistance. Hamas’ ambitions are exactly like those of the PA’s. It’s just the chairs. And if you go back a year and 2 years ago, I’m sure you will notice that Haniyeh and Mishal repeatedly agreed on the 67 border and “peaceful” negotiations.

Also, let me remind you that the Orthodox Jews around the world calls for the destruction of Israel. “http://www.nkusa.org/

Orthodox Jews demonstrating against the state of Israel

“this will send the message that the violent resistance paid off…it will lead others around the world to seek more hostages”

well, yes the “violent” resistance has paid off. It was the only way that resulted in the release of the Lebanese prisoners. And it was the only way that led to the release of many Arab prisoners in the past. Did any other way work. I don’t think so. The “negotiations” led to only more prisoners being captured, around 11,000 prisoners are now in the Israeli prisons. Many of them are children and women. And many other are elected parliament members and ministers. Not mentioning the human rights activists who practice the non-violence resistance. Do the names of Abu Rahma, Jumaa and Othman ring a bell. Yes these 3 human rights non-violent activists were prisoned in the past months, besides the other non-violent activists of course.

“…they want a Jewish state a position that we support”

Well again, Jewish do not want a Jewish state. Why would you support the Zionist on building a Jewish state. And if 20% of the citizens of “Israel” are Palestinians, how democratic is that? Unless you encourage religious states and extremists, which am sure you don’t.

Good luck Senator Mitchell in your efforts. Although we see these efforts as useless and unintentionally misleading, but we still appreciate the efforts you put.


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