Happy New Year Palestine!

A new year has knocked on our doors. A year that will just be another witness on our suffering and heroism resistance of the Occupation. At the time when many people here does not see it as a “happy” new year, we argue the opposite. They see it as an extra year of occupation; we see it as one year less in the age of the occupation. They see it as another year of the suffering for the Palestinians; we see it as another year of a heroic resistance. A graffiti on the apartheid wall always reminds us “to exist is to resist”.

Fellow Palestinians:

Exist! Exist on the land of your fathers. Keep on existing in the legend of Palestine, a legend of resistance, heroism and existence. No one will uproot us from Palestine. And as we enter a new year, remember that, even though some of us feel powerless in the face of this ruthless occupation, our persistence on our principles is the key to our freedom. Don’t be driven to extremism. Most importantly DO NOT bow to what they call moderation. Fighting for your principles is not extremism. We will not surrender our rights to be accepted by others. They want us to accept them the way they are; then, they MUST acknowledge our rights. Our right to return, our right to freedom.

Our peace is our return. Their peace is our uprooting. We will fight for our peace. We will EXIST; we will RETURN. We will celebrate this year, and next year and every holiday coming, to prove to them that we still exist. They will never succeed to steal our dignity. They will never succeed to steal our happiness. And they will never succeed to steal our souls.

Fellow Palestinians:

Get out and celebrate. We’re celebrating our existence and their failure. Our tears will freeze into Icebergs that will crush their Zionist project. As much tears they make us drop, it will just make that Iceberg bigger and bigger. The iceberg that sank the legendary “Titanic” is nothing compared to this one.

Happy New Year Palestine.


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