Merry Christmas from the Haganah (a.k.a. Israeli Defense Forces)

They never fail to wish Palestinians a happy holidays every year. Their gift to us is always generous. The terrorist Anti-Semitic organization “Haganah” (a.k.a. Israeli Defense Forces) executed 3 Palestinians in Nablus and another 3 in Gaza. To be fair to them, they did not discriminate against either the West Bank or Gaza. They decided the pain has to be equal on either parts.

The Haganah is the terrorist organization that lead the Zionist massacres and ethnic cleansing against the Arab Palestinians in Palestine. After the declaration of the Zionist state, Israel, this terrorist organization formed what is now known as the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Though changed its name, this organization kept its values. The values of murder and destruction. A value shared between them and Al-Qaeda. The values are the same and so are the victims.

Palestinian armed men decided to take justice into their own hands. Palestinian men shot dead a Zionist Anti-Semitic criminal. The Zionist criminal is a member of the terrorist Anti-Semitic settlers movement, murdering civilians, roping their lands, and burning their religious places. The Israeli authorities refused continuously to bring these criminals to Justice. I wouldn’t blame them. These terrorists are on the front line of their inhuman Anti-Semitic Zionist project.

The Palestinian Authority, an entity formed by the Israeli State, hurried to detain Palestinian men in an effort to look for the Palestinian men involved in the shooting. The PA was not given time to continue these efforts. In less than 24 hours, IDF terrorist organization invaded Nablus, executed 3 Palestinian men. The “ethical” IDF refused but to enforce equality; thus, their air crafts executed another 3 Palestinian civilians in Gaza Strip. You decorate your trees in Gold and Red, and they decorate your land and conscience with the same colors, Gold (Fire) and Red (Blood).

Dear Palestinians, Dear Arabs, Dear Humanity,

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the Israeli Defense Army.

A video of members of the terrorist Anti-Semitic settler movement that the shot criminal (settler) belongs to.

Settlers: We killed Jesus, and we are Proud of it.


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