Are We Anti-Semitic?

Since the end of the World War II, the world have learnt of a new term called “Anti-Semitism”. To be more accurate, they have used it, but never learnt why. Every one who insults or criticizes a person following Judaism is accused of being Anti-Semitic. The reason doesn’t matter. I asked a friend of mine, who used this term alot, why do you refer to anything against a Jewish as “Anti-Semitic”? Do you know what does it mean? She stumbled with her own tongue, so I threw a saviour for her and asked her about her favourite wine. I find it astonishing that those same people who are committed to this term cannot give me an answer for that question. This commitment grew stronger after the Nazi’s holocaust against Judaism, Slavic race, homosexuals, Polish, and others referred to by the Nazis as “The Others”. The Zionist movement, consisting of members who were not the victims of that holocaust, picked it up and used it in their propaganda. The first victims were the survivors of this holocaust. Their pain and suffering was taken advantage of by the ruthless Zionists. I find it astonishing as well that the Jews, the survivors of the holocaust, did not repel against these Zionists. In contrast, they worked side by side with them to accomplish their crimes against humanity, expelling 80% of the Palestinians from their lands, massacring hundreds of thousands of Arabs, and committing one of the worst, if not THE WORST, crime against humanity.

I will tell you why do you use this term. At the establishment of the modern Zionist movement, Zionists were eager to prove that all the Jews in the world are one nation. I say modern because the first Zionist movement was established centuries before that “a Protestant Zionist Movement”. That’s not true. Maybe all the European and American Jews are the descendants of the same race. Herzl, the father of Zionism, had to gather the Jews of the world. After overlooking Argentina as the target for his Zionist state, Herzl settled for the land of Palestine. Thus, he tried to convince the world that the Jews of the world are all the descendants of the Sons of Israel. The sons of Israel are historically the descendants of Shem the son of Noah. And that’s the root of the term “Semitic”. The fact that the world ignore is that the Sons of Israel were one of the Arabic tribes back in the centuries. The Arabs are all the descendants of Shem the son of of Noah. Isn’t it ironic that the most people accused for being Anti-Semitic are Semitic!

This brings us to the questions, are all the Jews the descendants of the Sons of Israel? Are they a nation?

If i was to be born now with no knowledge, I’ll find it difficult to believe that these people of different ethnic backgrounds are one nation. Are Muslims a nation? Are Christians a nation? I don’t think so. I can believe that the Arab Jews are the descendants of the Sons of Israel, if not they’re sure the descendants of other Arabic tribes. They share the same racial characteristics as the Arab community. The Ashkenazim, European Jews, still discriminate against them, the Sephardim, till this day. This is normal, since the Ashkenazim are of a different race.

Before the establishment of the Russian Emperor in the 9th century, a strong kingdom ruled mid Asia and parts of Eastern Europe. The ruthless Kingdom of Khazar brought hatred from all the nations they occupied. For several reasons, the atheist King of Khazar converted to Judaism; thus, his people followed his footsteps as it was common back in the days. After its establishment, the Russian Emperor launched a fatal attack against the Kingdom of Khazar, expelling the Khazar from their homes to settle in Ghettos in many parts of Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia. These Khazar came to be known today as the Ashkenazim.

It’s very ironic that non-Semitics are on the lead of accusing Semitics, Arabs, of being Anti-Semitic. How long would it last before the world learn about this irony? How long will it take them to discover this naivety.


One thought on “Are We Anti-Semitic?

  1. The problem regarding the misuse of what is called Anti-Semitic is related to a deeper thought that exists in the mind of every Israeli today…The zionist movement used the tragedy which was made by the Nazis in order to affect on the Israeli mind…Today Israelis believe that if they were not strong enough they will be attacked again as in the past…this claim is used by the leaders in order to launch new wars and continue to ignore any kidn of solution regarding the conflict with the Palestinians….The Israeli army became the most important tool in the state since security according to Israel must be gained through obtaining strong army and ability to use force at any time.Nice blog….

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