What is our Right?

For the past 15 years, the Palestinian leaders have been calling for an independent political entity called the Palestinian state on the land of the West Bank and Gaza. Shockingly, Palestinian refugees have been part of that political struggle.

The Zionist movement, after establishing it’s political entity “State of Israel” over 79% of the land of Palestine in 1948, did not take away from the Palestinians a political state. In fact, they robbed the Palestinians from their homes and land. They expelled, using terrorism, 80% of the Palestinian population. Throughout the history, the Palestinian people, living on the holy land of Palestine, never established an independent political entity. This land and its people have always lived under the control of other regional entities.

Political entities became the subject of the civil movements throughout the world after World War II. A political entity serves as a protector of people’s interests and their resources on a specific geographical area. Nonetheless, a group of refugees settling away from their homeland have no right of such entity. Although they share the same ethnic backgrounds with the people of several neighbour countries, the people of the geographic area called Kosovo have struggled for their right of an independent political entity to protect the interest of its people. They did not start this struggle until they achieved the goals of a previous struggle against the expulsion and ethnic cleansing by the Serbian Regime in the 90’s.

The West Bank and Gaza Strip are not “The Occupied Palestinian Territories”, rather they are “Occupied Palestinian Territories”. The Palestinian right is the right of the return, the return to the same lands and homes they were expelled from. This right, besides being a collective right, is also an individual right. Every Palestinian expelled from his home has the right to return to his home in Palestine. Besides being a right protected by UN resolutions, this is an ethical humanitarian right. Palestinians who did not get expelled from their lands and homes in the West Bank and Gaza have the right to call for an independent entity that protect the interest of its people; thus, dropping off their shoulders the burden of the Palestinian struggle. Thus, this does not give them or anyone the right to take away from the Palestinian refugees the right of the return.

The right of a political entity could be achieved using peaceful political resistance exclusively. Nonetheless, the right of the return should be struggled using every available tool and could not and should not be limited to the political resistance.

I chose to run the track of the Palestinian right of the return, but I would not oppose the right of any Palestinian to step off that track. Palestinians, who chose the path of the Palestinian state on the lands of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, are and will always be my brothers and sisters that I love.


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