The Youth Should Take the Lead

Throughout a prosperous history of justice revolutions, the youth has shaped the backbone of every successful revolution. The energy, creativity and ambition of the youth have ignited these revolutions.

From a Revolutionary to a Negotiator 

More than 40 years ago, the new generation of youth, those who were expelled from their homes 20 years earlier, has placed the first cornerstone of the Palestinian modern revolution. This revolution, although faced by obstacles from within often, operated as a “defibrillator” that contributed to reviving the Palestinian cause. The first “baby steps” taken by these ambitious youth quickly grew up into giant steps. These giant feet have grown heavier over the next 40 years that they were incapable of stepping forward. The only stepping they took were steps to crush the just rights of an oppressed people. “Ourself behind ourself, concealed it should startle most.”

A 20 years-old Palestinian revolutionist has grown into a 60 years old negotiator. The Palestinian modern revolution has failed in achieving its goals. Thus, these youth, who are now seniors, seek new goals, goals that have been oddly created to replace the crushed once. An insecurity about a failed mission played a role in the rejection of a new pure duplicated youth generation to that existed at the early stage of revolution.

What’s Next?

Should the revolution duplicate itself over generations? Should it revise the previous strategies? Should it carry the torch from the previous generation? Or should it innovate new tactics?

Answer to above questions are not important at this point. What’s important is for the seniors to step back and hand the torch to the new youth to carry on. The success of a generation does not mean necessarily the failure of another. Rather the success should be based on the lessons learned from stumbles of previous experiences. What’s left for the modern Palestinian revolution is an honourable epilogue. The success of a previous revolution is depending on the success of the next. The lessons provided to the next revolution is a scale of that success. This is a contribution necessary to the achieving of the just rights.

A senior is unlikely to give a way for an enthusiastic youth seen as inexperienced. The youth should take the lead. Taking the lead does not mean marginalizing the senior, rather learning from them and engaging them. The seniors should be engaged in the aspirations of the youth and relieved of their actions. No one will give you the lead if you don’t take it. No one will give you respect if you don’t demand it. No one will give you the torch if you don’t set a track for your run.

The youth should take the lead.


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